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You Can't Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain

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A Hilarious And Affecting Essay Collection About Race, Gender, And Pop Culture From Celebrated Stand-up Comedian And Wnyc Podcaster Phoebe Robinson. Being A Black Woman In American Means Contending With Old Prejudices And Fresh Absurdities. Robinson Uses Her Trademark Wit To Explore Examine Our Cultural Climate And Skewer Our Biases With Humor And Heart. Introduction -- From Little Rock Nine To Nappy Hair, Don't Care In Eighteen & Half-ish Years -- A Brief History Of Black Hair In Film, Tv, Music, & Media -- My Nine Favorite Not-so-guilty Pleasures -- Welcome To Being Black -- Dear Future Female President: My List Of Demands -- How To Avoid Being The Black Friend -- Uppity -- Casting Calls For People Of Color That Were Not Written By People Of Color -- The Angry Black Woman Myth -- People, Places, & Things That Need To Do Better -- Letters To Olivia. Phoebe Robinson.