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Unleashed - Elizabeth Brooks (EB1)

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Unleashed, per Elizabeth, "Was retrieved from pop up memories indelibly carved into my mind, spirit and soul. It defines where I was, who I Elizabeth P Brooks am, and where I am going. Some of my work is taken from my journals, scrap paper, and a previously published chapbook, "You May Applaud Now and Other poems", a Boldly Into Grace BIG publication and some published essays. I am still connecting the dots and forever celebrating HUMAN DIGNITY. This is my Why! I write to speak to the wail of pain that I hear, loud and clear but it is ignored by some and disregarded. I hear the sound, the rumble, the inner turmoil. In the silence, I hum to the pain and in the dead of night, I rock my body to sleep for oppressed and bewildered people. I listen and I speak to the pain of inequality and injustice, and I obey, and I write, too early in the morning or after a numbed night. Yes, love wins every time I speak to my pain."