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One Great Date (TM)

This I Know About Life by Jessie J. McNeil

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This I Know About Life is a collection of call-to-action quotes developed from Jessie McNeil’s intense and impactful life-to-date experiences. It is the first book in his “Once You Know – You Can’t Un-know” series. Written as a response to the overwhelming and positive reaction to his messages presented to young people during his many live events. Jessie J. McNeil travels nationwide delivering a message of wisdom and hope to young people. Life teaches you lessons. Jessie uses his life lessons to guide others around pitfalls and accelerate the journey to success.

As a perfect companion to his speeches, This I Know About Life allows you to take key messages home with you.  

You will want to read it daily, for each day you will be prompted to ponder new ways of looking at life and then be compelled to take progressive action.

This I Know About Life is part of Sula Too Publishing's Tiny Book Collection. These books are SMALL enough to fit in your pocket and BIG enough to change your life!