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Rogers Park Golf Course (S205)

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Rogers Park Golf Course is special. Its history is rich, and its people are legendary. If you listen carefully, you will hear the sound of children’s joy and families’ laughter.  You will feel the celebration of a hole-in-one and the stories it spawns. You will appreciate the community unity that it fosters. You most likely will interact with a legend, with or without your knowledge. When it is all said and done, endless and  endearing memories are attached to the names Rogers Park and Rogers Park Golf Course.

Lionel Ballard

Lionel is a Tampa and sports man from ground up. He attended  George Washington Carver Elementary, Ernest E Just Jr. High School,  graduated from Howard W. Blake High School in 1970. At Blake he was a member of the golf team and the 1969 Championship Football Team.  He attended Mississippi Valley State College and retired from Tampa Electric Company after 40 years of service.

As for golf, it's been a life long pursuit of the sound of “the ping” of a solid hit and long drive. Lionel has been an avid golfer since childhood and now serve on the Golf Advisory Board for the Tampa Sports Authority, as well as, being the Community Outreach Coordinator at First Tee Tampa Bay.

Lionel is passionate about the sport, the park, and its history. Finding, and in some cases reconstructing, all of the elusive  pieces for this book have been a labor of love  for him.

Ersula K Odom

As CEO of Sula Too LLC, Ersula K. Odom is on a mission to preserve cultural history in any form possible. As such she is a publisher, legacy wall designer, legacy writer, and living history performer. She is also founder of Ersula’s History Shop and the non-profit company Rescuing History, Inc.  Collectively, all of her skills lead to preparing your story, rather average and ordinary or extraordinary, to take its rightful place in our history.

Ersula combines research, life and professional experiences of rural living, college life, fortune 500 corporate management, spirituality, family, entrepreneurship, sales, genealogy, and publishing, to deliver relative multi-generational and multi-cultural products and services.

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