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Menopause vs Puberty

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Motherhood is hard. The crying, pain, and constant confusion are enough to take down Wonder Woman. Especially at 40+ when the crying, pain, and confusion are yours Menopausal Moms need supernatural strength, dedication, and motivation because menopause and puberty are two hormones that were not meant to be roomies In this book, Tommalisa shares the wisdom she's earned through trial and error, parenting hacks and fails, and a surprise second marriage to a younger man who wanted two babies after she swore she would have no more Her touching stories, piercing advice, and insistence on excellence teach readers that parenting is just as much fun, but "oh-so-much-harder" the second time around. Never fear T'Lisa shows her readers no matter how old you are, you can WIN the game of parenting. You will treasure this guidebook as you learn how to "dig deep" and get every ounce of potential from your kids and yourself.