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Coping Like A King by Melodie Yarber-Rhodes, M.A. Now Shipping (MR1)

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Authored by a mother of two young men, with a Master of Arts in Counseling, 15 years of educator and counseling experience, Coping Like A King rose from Melodie Yarber-Rhodes' desire to help you and your son(s). To help your growing son become a well-adjusted, resilient person. This is a tool to help address his social and emotional needs that oftentimes go unaddressed and ignored.  When their needs go unaddressed or ignored, usually boys will shut down or act out.  Giving them a space to work through their thoughts and feelings is a great step towards their mental and emotional well-being.

Coping Like A King  is an interactive journal that would give Black boys a tool to express themselves and be honest with how they are feeling about life and current events.  Black boys face so many challenges and obstacles in daily life and hold so much in, and Rhodes didn’t see ANY satisfactory resources specifically for them.  That was a huge problem.

The passages and exercises in Coping Like A King  are designed to help your son learn more about and express himself on paper through journaling and other activities. It is designed to help him learn how to communicate better with others.  This will help him become more emotionally and mentally resilient.

“It is my prayer that this book allows guidance and healing for your young man and that it opens new opportunities for him.  I also want you to talk with him about the activities and exercises he finds the most beneficial for him. The sooner they begin working in this book, the more confident and resilient they will become."
God Bless!

“It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken men”. - Frederick Douglas