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One Great Date (r)

1988 IEEE Spectrum

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Featuring: Terrific History of engineering!!!

Uncommon Engineers- Owen Garriott; Michiyuki Uenohara; Eric Laithwaite; Roy Dolby; Constantine Kraus; Irene Peden; John Bardeen; David Melvold; J. Fred Bucy; Chi Luu; Charles Townes; Russel Jones; Judith Resnick; Brian Hooker; Richard Garwin; Simon Ramo; The Estrins Family; Jesse Russell Sr; Karl Stein; Arno Penzias; Steven Wozniak; John Slaughter; Robert A Bartolini

Milestones: Events, inventions, discoveries, successes, and triumphs of man over matter detailed by year from 1963 -1988


1969 Moon Lander; 1972 Digital Scopes; 1965 The PDP-8; 1970 The Pacific Intertie; 1970 Fiber Optics; 1983 Compact DISC; 1970 1K-Bit Dram; 1975 The VCR;