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One Great Date

08 05 1861 Isaac C Taber

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Isaac C. Taber was the 6th mayor of New Bedford, Mass. He was elected in 1859 and served from 1960 until his death September 29, 1862.

Taber was son of Barnabas Taber & Mary Congdon, born in 1815 and was 47 years old when he died.

"As an adult he was briefly a bank clerk and then a small businessman selling hardware and cutlery. He was first a member of the Young Men's Anti-Slavery Society, and by October 1837 ChairmanThe party was dedicated to insuring that slavery was not extended to free American territories. They wanted the Missouri Compromise repealed. One of their party resolutions printed in the Morning Mercury said, We therefore demand of the National Government the enactment of a political organization forever excluding involuntary slavery from the territories of the United States." Peggi Medeiros