Welcome to One Great Date

Welcome to One Great Date

Congratulations on finding One Great Date!!  No this is not a dating site. It is about you and your dates, more about that later.

A wise person once said, “You can do any “what”  if you know your “why”.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved old documents, stamps, photos, postcards, letters, and old stories. When handled correctly they can be the source of great memories. They can help tell the story with living color. They can bring credibility to your memory.  For years I have collected such items without really knowing why. Now I do. They are for you. www.onegreatdate.com

Why? Because the genealogist in me wants to preserve those old church anniversary programs with your great grandparent’s church history and photos in them. Why? Because there is something wonderful about holding the same document that someone else wrote a hundred years ago. These items grant you access to another world by opening a window to the thoughts of someone from another time.  You can experience how the media presented those who were "living history" using language of the time. You can enhance your wisdom by reading text, most politically incorrect today but, necessary to understand our legacy.

Why? Because ONE GREAT DATE makes it possible for you to own an original document created on your birthday, wedding day, parent’s wedding day, or your secret date when your life changed forever.

Why? This is a great site for you, as a collector, on a non-collector site who may find something of undiscovered great value.  ONE GREAT DATE is not a stamp collector site, but we have stamps. We are not a First Day Cover (FDC) collector site but we have FDCs. We are not a vintage post card site, but we have vintage post cards. We are not a letter and journal site, but we have those too.  WE COLLECT DATES.

Yes, I am launching today. No, the site is not perfect. That only means you will need to visit it often. If you like the idea, “like” www.facebook.com/onegreatdate on Facebook, or subscribe to receive updates.

Is there a special date you want us to search for? Let us know  and we will let you know when we find it!

ONE GREAT DATE is being brought to you by Sula Too LLC.  “Sula Too, we make old new in everything we do.”

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